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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 2, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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down 130. i don't know, neil cavuto can explain it. see you tonight. >>neil: remember when everyone, everyone was sounding dandy about how they handled sandy? >> good news is the help is coming. >> a good plan. >> excellence. >> well executed. >> i thank you. >> a lot of criticism of fema back in katrina. today we hear nothing but good about fema. >> i thank craig would lives and breathes this stuff. >>neil: not so fast because all in rescueville is not so great. a lot of the folks they represent would like to kick them in the ass. this is the reality.
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welcome, everyone, not so happy friday. mr. president, you may want to wait on the "heck of a job" thing because rescue efforts have become heck of a joke for folks in the northeast fuming. because the help isn't coming. in gas. no power. no food. they have had it. >> restaurants and boats and homes are looted. >> the coast guard has not been here to help. >> come here and walk into the streets here. the water is this high. you have to wear the waders. >>neil: that is just on staten island. homes are swamps. motorists are stuck if -- in gas lines, four hours or more if you can find a place to fill in. two-thirds of gas stations even now in new york and new jersey remain shut down. out of juice. out of gas.
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thousands are fuming, out of power and out of home. residents are going out of their mind, out of patience, not only for the tough situation but form new york city detective bo dietl says a difficult situation if authorities do not help those whose temperatures are about for burst. you look to be in a separate world? >>guest: they are patting each other on the back. i have people on staten i'll, new jersey, on long island, my son if law's house, washed away. people living with no houses and people in staten island, crying with no water. be real. these people need help. we should mobilize our police department. get them over to staten island. there are only cops and firemen, maybe that is the problem. my problem is i am getting the calls each day, people are crying, why isn't anyone doing
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anything in now we don't care about that, we are going to have a marathon on sunday? something is wrong with somebody. this is ridiculous. guys who are retired say they call the special number and they are as the parade route on sunday for crowd control. they want to help people. you ought to find more bodies in the houses, with freeport and the rockaways. people are patting themselves on the back what a great job --. >>neil: i would say patting on the back when the job is done. staten island is getting the attention because the long forgotten borrowing deserves attention because these folks are hurting. you can see the results what is going open from fox. this is indicative of what is happening throughout the new york metropolitan region and other areas where others are
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saying, well, great job, the government is doing a wonderful job. >>guest: it is disgraceful. we started mobilizing on sunday and getting manpower together but it is unfortunate to see these people in staten island. people do not realize what happened. the water surged my son's house people heard the when and they went to the basement for protection and when the 4' or a -- 5' surge, that is a tsunami. cars were moved. you can see staten island the positions of cars and boat, so imagine a person being in the wave. >>neil: the mayor hinted the body count could go up as we discover hopefully nothing like katrina dimensions people stuck in their homes and died, drowned or electrocuted. >>guest: we have the best
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police department in the world. but we have to go house-to-house. if the door is lock you have to get in the house, see if somebody is in there. >>neil: how do they mark homes? >>guest: they mark if it is dangerous to go in. if in is no floorboard they worry about that. my thing is, you have to get in the houses. you have a lot of senior citizens not accounted for. this is when you have to get in. if we can save one person, do it. >>neil: all i am saying before you start bragging and telling everyone what a great job you are doing, finish the job and then do the patting. and to go back to the madison every room in new york city, the people want to run 26 miles, go somewhere else. >>neil: what did you make of
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bloomberg saying giuliani did it? >>guest: it was a couple months later. we are going to let someone from out of state have a room and shake a shower to run 26 miles? this is ridiculous. >>neil: two generators were brought in, paid for the runners society but these two generators could do a lot of people, a whole lot of good, and this starts in staten island. >>guest: yes. >>neil: so --. >>guest: i have been part of in, i was fortunate to be on 90th street when the water overtook fdr drive and i was on with greg kelly and i could not believe the surge. the river cafe, destroyed. destroyed. destroyed. it is only three days, wait a little bit, two weeks from now. let them wait.
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>>neil: again, we are not here to disparage anyone on the right or left, but election night has not come we cannot pat ourself on the back yet over the cleanup efforts. this is far more life threatening event, far more important than anything i do or bo does and to say when this is not even done, that everyone should be taking a bow and commending themself on the right or left it makes you sick. does anyone remember this? >> you are doing a heck of a job, brownie, fema director working 24/7. they are working 24 hour as day. >> happened in weeks of that? we all know that pat only went so far. fast forward today and michael brown says get ready for someone in the administration to start
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looking for a scapegoat because it will get worse. maybe a lot worse. maybe to the point, michael, what bo was raising, the possibility of maybe more bodies being found because some of the homes are only now getting accessible. here is what amazes me, the last i knew, staten island is still part of the city of new york city. someone should be asking this question, how many urban search-and-rescue teams have fema deployed to staten island? how many urban search-and-rescue teams have been deployed to long island to where the homes have been burned? they still in a "response" mode. i know no one wants to criticize anyone and i don't want to criticize fema because they have to do what the state and local governments ask them to do. seriously, you will hold a marathon while you still are trying to get people out of buried homes?
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something is wrong with that. another thing, i wrote an article, and we talked about there and charles payne and i talked about new yorkers needed to chill because this is going to take a long time. i get that people are suffering. after how many disasters, how many disasters is it going to take for people to recognize the federal government, state and local governments, are not, cannot, and as we see, will not be this to take care of you? this is driving me nuts. >>neil: those commends of yours were taken out of context. you were saying that the reality with rescue efforts today they won't be coming any time soon or any time fast and it is similar to katrina, those who thought everything was okay would later discover it was not the case. i hope telling like katrina difficult messageses but it is very likely that a lot of people
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would homes are now only coming into view and word from staten island is frankly, fox showed an interest in staten island, and i have staff member who said, i have to tell you my parents are underwater, there are whole areas of the town that cannot be recognized. a lot of people are thought accessible and homes that cut that be reached. the point is we don't know what we have to the early point to bo dietl i don't think now is the time for each other of the various officials to not only get a marathon going but to be patting themselves on the back saying we are doing a great job. >>guest: let me address that. if you recall, and we had this conversation, if you watch the videotape closely when bush says to me, heck of a job, you see me wince because i told the president how bad it was and he says that. here is the issue: i talked to a
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couple, some of yourselvessers and i have friends in new york city, this form before it hit i said if the power goes out it will be seven or ten daze or longer before power is restored. i talked to a producer today, in her building they hope by midnight tomorrow or sunday the building is saying it is next week. this is not over. they are still in a response mode. to hold a marathon, the last time i observe add marathon you have to have police officers, fire trucks, health care workers, they should be taking care of people, staten island, elsewhere, get the priorities straight. >>neil: thank you, and now to larry sabato and his take on all of this and the race if it turns out this may not be such a great government relief effort and there could be serious problems. >>guest: first of all, it is bound to affect voter turn out,
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it is fought as though it will switch new jersey or new york from the blue column to the red but it could affect the popular vote. second point, you do not want a lot of unhappy voters turning up at the polls if you are the incumbent because they express their anger when they get in the polling place. >>neil: this could echo your point, in is some of anger we caught today. listen to this. >> fed up. >> fed up. >> fed up. is this america? >> we have no food. >> people are trapped. still. >> don't have anywhere on go. no checks. >> people are hurting. and looking for people. it is crazy. >> nothing has been done,. >> you have no gas. where do you go? >> there were many more just like that. when public officials start
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saying everything is is not reality. >>guest: no. if presidents or cabinet officers or fema directors have any question about what to do all they need to do is remember how katrina was handled and do the opposite. that's a pretty good yardstick. this is not selective picking out of individual whose have a problem it is wide-spread. at the university of virginia i have a student at the center for politics whose family home was swept away on the jersey shore. i have friends i have talked to in new york who not only have not had power or water but a couple of them had to move out of town. there is no place to stay, they know they have to get out because there is not going to be relief. it is more widespread than we recognize. >> we are not trying to scare
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you but we are pausing because we have friends and family around the area and everyone is commending themselves and saying everything is fine, we had to remind you, that is not the case. running on empty and now running out of the patience, reports of fistfights and guns being drawn. is relief on the way?
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>>neil: we have been hearing about the long gas lines and the pictures are stunning. rick is in the middle of this? rick: we have four out of five
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gas stations in new jersey closed because they ran out of fuel or they do not have the power to pump. we have been in a couple of gas stations in clifton, today, with hundreds of cars lined but they ran out of gas. they were delivered at 1:00 o'clock, and pumping ever since, if vehicles and people lined up with can. one guy waited 2 1/2 hours and he was smiling as he walked around with two, five gallon pans. there are police here. they have had problems. people get angry because someone cuts in line so they direct traffic. route 3, westbound, the line of cars on the shoulder waiting to come to the gas station goes a mile. it would go several miles but they don't have a shoulder beyond the ridge so they had to cut it off and making people loop around. a very, very difficult situation for people in new jersey because the gas is very hard to come by and people who want to get some have to wait several hours to
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fill up. >>neil: the department of homeland security is trying to provide relief if people begging for the gas. foreign oil tankers are allowed to enter the ports. will this have any impact? >>guest: it should. this is not a supply problem at the moment. what we are seeing is power problems in new york and new jersey and connecticut. this is the problem gas stations are having getting the gasoline out of the purposes to the cars. it is a power issue. there is plenty of gasoline and heating oil in the area of the northeast which is key. but we will see problems going forward. right now prices are very low. they will creep up as we see -- we get more in winter. we will see a backs lash because of the delay. >>neil: why me if this is true but in hurricane prone states
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like florida, a lot gas stations have to have backup generators for just such a con a contingen. that could save a hot of grief. but the longer you go on seeing this the more you can see a steep run up in prices. >>guest: you could. you could see stations raise prices but they have not had to pay more for the gasoline so passing its on to the customers is gouging. it is egregious to see the prices rise. they have not had to pay more and they should not pass it on to consumers. you could see a price increase. after everyone calms down you will see refineries delayed getting the heating oil supplies. right now the prices are low and there is plenty of supply but it could change. >>neil: thank you. the next time you see a politician commending themselves, look at the
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>>neil: if the election were not enough to worry about, stocks are down, over building line for gas, in the notes, among the most populated states including new jersey and new york. a situation that is going from bad to worse and lines that are getting very long and add to that concerns this will hit the g.d.p. and our economy itself, and no wonder larry is worried. what do you make of this, coming days before the election and the markets and others are looking at this in the northeast and saying, well, i don't know, it
1:25 pm
is not looking like we thought. >>guest: though was the last key piece of economic data ahead of the election and it is not good. what the public will talk about in addition to the uptick in unemployment which is not if for the incumbent at pizza parlors, they will talk about the gas line. what is damaging to consumer confidence is being in a gas line. i have relatives in the area and i know what they are going through and it zaps confidence and will hurt retail and discretionary spending. we see companies seeing this and they are worried. it will affect consumer confidence. companies have been preparing themselves for what they see looming and one thing they see looming is the fiscal cliff, the uncertainty related to the economy. as a result, we have seen certainly layoffs that are planned, that have picked up. we see companies across the country like dupont and dow
1:26 pm
chemical and kimberly clark, laying people off to prepare themselves for the next set of storm clouds. small businesses, two studies, the national federation of independent businesses and adp she that small businesses are preparing themselves and cutting back and laying people off. the gas lines will not help the situation and they will not inject confidence into this consumer confidence. >>neil: you could say outside of the northeast particularly morning and new jersey, this is not a problem, but we did a little bit of history digging here and in the case of the last two oil crises in the late 70's and the early 70's, many more states had long gas lines but most did not. the fact of the matter is, whether it was properly ration oned or the odd days or even days, remember with the license plates, most did not experience
1:27 pm
the long gas lines. i wonder if that detachment, the view this is only a new jersey or new york phenomena, you are saying the image itself resonates and scares. >>guest: it stirs up old memories. i was in the gas line, i remember back then, wondering how you get there. it stays with you. when people across the country, people in california, they have been through massive gas spikes so it is national. a lost challenges in terms of infrastructure. we do not have an energy policy or infrastructure and it brings the issues to the front page. what is interesting the impact may not be felt until the next jobs report because we know we will see layoffs, we will see consumers closing their wallets. that is looming on the horizon. for now it is a function or feel bad economy days before the
1:28 pm
election. when the election is this closesten if it is not the presidential election it could be a congressional or senate seat that is critical. both candidates said they were on top of it and people getting used to the long lines, and it could have nothing to do with the president or the gaffe they are pissed and when that happens and they are waiting in the long lines and they say both of you said things are getting better and we are on top of this, it does not look like being on top of everything. >>guest: the whole country was crying out for staten island and the jersey shore and that is a national phenomenon and our hearts and prayers are with them. >>neil: thank you. i stress, folks, it comes down to a power issue. when you do not have juice or electricity as is the case in
1:29 pm
these areas, and new jersey, two-thirds of the state still in the dark and three out of four service stations without access to power that is the inside story on this, the headline, the big image is that, people waiting online, getting very, very restless, very angry and the political leaders saying we are on top of this, and kumbayas and high five's these people want to show a certain digit but it is not a high five. till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes!
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call today. ♪ >>neil: the cleanup continues on staten island where locals were visited by homeland security secretary napolitano. david lee has more. >>reporter: many who live in staten island say this is the forgotten borough saying the authorities are doing too little too late. you can see why. this street is filled with more boats than cars. the storm surge lifted the boat as far as 100 yards and perhaps further. you can see the utility pole snapped in half like it was a toothpick and look at this boat, it landed on top of a car.
1:34 pm
the mayor has said help is going to be provided if areas where it is needed the most and many say it is needed in staten island as a top priority because it was here that 20 people lost their lives, the highest death count in all of new york city. among those who died a new york city police officer who was electrocuted in the basement and two young children swept away in the storm surge. the cries for help are getting answered. fema arrived here on the scene. janet napolitano is here on staten island and i quote, "we know staten island took a hard hit from sandy and we want do make sure the right resources are brought here to help the community which is so very strong recover even more quickly." many people here, the bottom
1:35 pm
line, extremely angry saying the community is in dire need of help and they are not getting the right amount of resources considering the extent of the storm damage. >>neil: we will cut away to janet napolitano, is that live? they are all doing this thing where they commend everyone and the republicans do this, as well. they commend themselves and staten island isn't new orleans or am i comparing this storm with katrina, maybe staten island is not cool or so cultured or maybe it is not anything that the mainstream media would like or draw comparisons to but there are a lot of pow without power and homes and underwater there, is it because it is staten island? and amy the -- amid the ruins,
1:36 pm
the running? and it starts in staten island. and the mayor says the marathon mutt go on as people have no power or shelter or power. they are using resources including generators, and lots of water and food they locals could use and they need. and now a resident of staten island. how are you? >>guest: things are not good. no sunshine here that is for sure. >>neil: what do you think of the marathon this weekend? >>guest: the marathon is disgraceful. shame on that man. painting blue lines, allowing people to cross over the bridge, they should be running here to staten island to help us. he is providing subsequent operators to this marathon and he is supplying people with
1:37 pm
bathrooms and we do not have homes in staten island. there is no electricity. no heat. no water. it is a disgrace what he is doing. it is a disgrace. putting barriers on the hotels where on staten island middle class people are homeless and they do not have a place to live. they are pitching up tents in the street to keep water and to have some shelter. we are the forgotten borough and shame on bloomberg for not coming to look over this devastation. his concern is manhattan. he is drawing a sunshine picture and it is not a sunshine picture. i'm sorry. i don't think new york city is ready for any marathon to come to staten island and cross the bridge. >>neil: we are only today getting the first real image of the devastation. we have seen the jersey coach and the connecticut coach but the damage of staten island
1:38 pm
certainly rivals any of that damage. what is it about you guys either getting ignored or shown no respect? >>guest: it is a little of everything. we are middle class people. we work. if you have a family here most mothers and fears are working. we are not rich. we are middle class people that go to work and that is basically it. i have to praise governor christie, he is for the new jersey people. he doesn't care what part of new jersey they are from. and bloomberg is concerned about manhattan and only manhattan. he did not come to staten island. he did not assess the damage any place else in new york area but manhattan because he is too busy and concerned about the marathon. >>neil: you have the homeland security secretary janet napolitano. >>guest: her presence is then
1:39 pm
and she served her hand out to us and that is the only official --. >>neil: if you had to reach out to the officials on the left or right, federal, state, local, what do your need? >>guest: i will be honest, what we need, today, i am a registered nurse and my husband works as -- he has a good job the i had to get toilet paper, simple toilet paper from someone in the street walking around with toilet paper and bottled water and sandwiches. toilet people. go to people who can't get out and try to help them. have that. who is being good is the nag national guard, they have been here from day one. nypd started showing their face the second day of the storm. there was so were robbery going on. we have homes that were robbed. people came in from other
1:40 pm
neighborhoods to reason us of televisions, whatever they can get because people ever vehicle witnessed. i didn't evacuate but i was up to my neck in water outside my house trying to we evacuate my home. another neighbor took me back in me and my husband and my daughter. >>neil: do you think there are folks stuck and there could be more bodies on staten island? >>guest: i don't know if you are aware but i know there are a lot of people that are destitute and there are areas that is not been touched with help. my friend lives in mid-land and she could not get her house the water was is high on jefferson. that was yesterday. i live by cedar grove and the front was ripped off, houses were torn from the paymentment and there was no place for the people to go. they were walking the streets like a zombie and no one was
1:41 pm
there for the first 24 hours to help anybody. then the national guard, god bless them, they came. they helped us and nypd came and then the fire department. the mayor wants to take police officers to line the streets of the marathon and ordered the fire department to clean up the parks. with is more important, get water or clean the parks? >>neil: you said it better than i could. >>guest: there is so much heartbreak going on all over here. not only me, i was destitute. many people are destitute. worse than i. i hope everyone gets back on their feet and hopefully in
1:42 pm
three months or six months there will be sunshine. >>neil: there will. more after this. .. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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geico, see how much you could save. >> al qaeda has been decimated. osama bin laden is dead. we have made real progress. >>neil: well, as the president touts his foreign policy, lawmakers are questioning that, sending a letter to the president, and secretary of state, hillary clinton, demanding 18 what they knew of the attack on benghazi. and my guest says the president may want to put off bragging. explain. >>guest: well, it is almost incomprehensible and more than many can take that we have a domestic tragedy at the same time we have this horrible, horrible preventable national security tragedy. what we finding out now is that there will be more blame, so much blame to go around starting at the white house, when they
1:46 pm
knew it, what knew and who made the decision not to rescue our form c.i.a. operatives and our military. it is almost incomprehensible when we started to overthrow qadaffi a year ago, over a year ago, we had this exact discussion. it didn't take a crystal ball to tell you and tell your viewers this is exactly what the end result was going to be. we throw out a known quantity, a very, very bad guy, qaddafi, we understand that and we arm, as i said them, al qaeda, hamas, muslim brotherhood, and what do we do? we put our guys out in harm's way and lead them to slaughter. this is absolutely going to be in my opinion will go down when
1:47 pm
everything shakes out and we find out who did what, we will find out this will be one of the greatest political and military tragedies since vietnam. >>neil: do you think the way democrats are playing it, keep it under wraps or contain it until the election. something changed when cbs news, to be fair, has been following this story very aggressively but it got special prominence when the main stream media started picking up on the reports and started digging into this in or is it too little too late? >>guest: great question. the answer is, too little too late. if the democrats win, i promise it will be so hard to continue an investigation if romney wins, as many of us hope he does, to protect this nation, i assure you we will get to the bottom of it. but we have men dead, we have soldiers who exposed themselves
1:48 pm
to harm's way who only did that because they believed they had support. i can tell you quickly, i know from very very personal experience the only thing you have when you go into a very deadly situation is the hope and prayers and knowledge that your guys will be there to back you up. if they don't show up like we understand one of seals that was killed thought when he painted a building where the fire was coming from, and nobody showed up to help. there was nothing, nothing, nothing more fearful to a soldier or an operator than believing he is hung out to dry. >>neil: thank you. some of the latest images from staten island from new york. from the surrounding areas underwater without power, long
1:49 pm
gasolines, very frustrated. for get beach goes, is this the big issue for a president seeking re-election? a couple of days ago he said things were under control and the white house and fema were on it. does that look like they are on it? [ female announcer ] beef, meet flavor boost. flavor boost, meet beef. it's swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth to add delicious flavor to your skillet dish in just one stir. mmm! [ female announcer ] cook, meet compliments. get recipes at
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>>neil: the long gas line, the tempers, the images that will be shown around the world are not getting better. it could change overnight if power is returned. is that a problem if a budget who said a couple of days ago, we are on it, we got it? we have a big obama supporter,
1:53 pm
what do you think? >>guest: we are in the midst of a tragedy, an unprecedented moment. this is in shortage of gasoline. there is a shortage of power. i live in part of manhattan where we have power and millions of people live a few blocks south of me and have no power. if this was a katrina-like response where there was a visible tragedy and you did not see a governor with his hands on the switch as you saw in governor christie or governor cuomo, a president who has brought every fema resource. >>neil: but you saw in staten island it is not reaching there. i agree, it is different great katrina but if the argument is they are bragging about what they doing, but this woman is saying, no, no, it is not. we are not seeing it. >>guest: the five boroughs of new york is peculiar
1:54 pm
circumstance. i don't disagree with the woman we have been imbalanced here in new york relative to the four boroughs other than manhattan where i live. but, this isn't a macro political event. some of the local people will be called out as to what we have been fairly treated as a region. >>neil: but it does come back to the issue of, a great criticism or tendency to say, being proactive doesn't necessarily mean you are being properly reactive, right if it doesn't mean you are on ton of the details that politicians of all persuasions can say one thing and not realize, reality is another. >>guest: but we have water in our tunnels, still. i had trouble getting over here this afternoon for this show. we are days --. >>neil: but each disaster has their own characteristics but it seems to me it is a story that isn't being aggressively reported here as stories have in
1:55 pm
the past. >>guest: because fema here is a different fema than in katrina. we saw a different fema in irene a year ago and it hit the atlantic coast. judgments should be made whether we are trying to be responsive. >>neil: clearly this woman is saying no. i'm not saying -- i am saying we are quit to seize on what happened in 2005 with katrina which was a disaster on many levels but i see in the media the same zeal to be fair. >>guest: you saw in katrina thousands and thousands of impoverished people stuck at the stadium in new orleans who could not be rescued. news shows standing if line for gasoline with no power to fire up. >>neil: do you think there is a double standard applied to president obama? >>guest: no, no, no. >>neil: you say there is no
1:56 pm
double standard? >>guest: there is a different fema with this president. >>neil: okay. i don't know why you say that. >>guest: i don't think there is a double standard. governor chris credit i don't think believes there is a double standard. >>neil: okay. more after this. [ male announce] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. .
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>> neil: well, it was one of the first lawmakers in the white house to release all the documents about the benghazi attack. now senator john mccain wants much more information before the election. they better not hide it until after the election. you can only hear it on fox business network at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. back this weekend as we begin our broadcast blitz ahead of the big election day event. 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, your ballot, your box, some of the names coming back to be with us. sound, special "your world." some of the big names that want to be us and shir for the big event itself on tuesday. beginning at 6:55 p.m. fox business coverage we're told no
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